Web Design

Web Design
We view web design as a continuous flow of ideas and improvements. Our creative designers will analyse the profile of your company and your products in order to tailor the perfect website.

Everything from the very basic layout to the most complex user interaction features will be carefully looked at, tested and scrutinized in order to find the design that is the best fit for your company and for your products.
  • Games Design & Applications

    Interested in online gaming? We can offer wide range of high quality designs and fascinating themes for various types of games. In addition to our large gaming portfolio, we can create custom game designs and/or themes that are best suited for your target players.

    Our offer is not limited only to online gaming! We can provide comprehensive applications that allow precise player management, offer accurate statistical information and that also include advanced bonus management systems.

  • Advertising ads Design

    Our design team is specialised in ads that include everything from banners to dedicated pages.

    Online or offline ads, no matter which you prefer, we will ensure that the ads we create will convey the right message about you products.

  • Corporate & Incorporate

    Our customer base is varied and we are always looking for new partners, never turning down an opportunity.

    No matter if you represent a big corporation or a small family business, we treat our customers with the same respect and strive to achieve the very best results.

  • Flash Applications & Flash Websites

    The Flash Development team is always up-to-date with the latest trends in Flash design and programming.

    We can provide complex Flash applications or create entire websites from scratch. In addition, the Flash department can team up with our designers and they can create ads with amazing animations!


In addition to a proper and well-constructed front end, we can provide a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that can help you perform quick and easy updates to the content of your website, depending on the language you select (if several are available), such as:
* create, edit or delete whole pages and manage the main menu of your website
* add, edit or delete products and various articles
* add, schedule, edit or delete promotions
* add or delete images and logos
  • HTML 5/CSS3

    The Web development department is specialised in the features that HTML5 and CSS3 bring.

    Our modular design is simple to manage via our content management systems, at the same time making sure your customers enjoy a rich experience with every visit.

  • Responsive Design

    Because your customers may use various browsers on different platforms and devices, we make sure that your website is perfectly displayed everywhere.

    The customer experience is enhanced by a responsive and fluid design of your website that is maintained across all browsers, platforms and devices.

  • Word Press

    Sharing the latest news to your customers is important. We can help you set up a Word Press platform attached to your website, enabling constant communication with your current and potential future customers.

  • Financial

    Being aware of specific financial information is vital to developing and growing your business.

    We can provide a financial management system that gives you detailed financial information based on sales, commissions and specific fees for any given period � based on these reports we can make certain that the profits of your company are always going up.

Web Apps

Web Apps
We can provide a very long list of different types of websites that we can build for you. Any kind of website you need or want, just let us know and we'll give you the best solution in the best possible time.

Our business specialists will give you a comprehensive analysis of your competition and based on the insights we give you, the right decision about your website design and content, as well your product offers will be easy to make.
  • Portal Websites

    Consolidate and aggregate content from several of your websites into a single page. We can create a clear and concise design of your portal website from where your customers, and potential customers, can quickly access your other websites, specific promotions or product pages.

  • E-Commerece Websites

    Selling your products has never been easier. The e-commerce websites we can build for you use the very latest security technologies and conform to worldwide rules and regulations.

    With an e-commerce website, we can give your customers easy-access to all of your products and provide the widest possible range of secure payment methods.

  • Flash Based Websites

    Our fast loading Flash websites offer great visual effects and smooth interactions. Compatible with many platforms, the Flash websites designed and created by our dedicated and highly skilled department will give your visitors an impressive experience with every visit.

  • Social Media Websites

    Integration in high volume social media websites can help promote your brand name and expand the reach of your products. By following established and verified procedures, integration within social media websites will go smoothly and the result will be noticeable in a very short time.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
A huge global market can be accessible to your business via today's mobile technology. With an ever increasing number and availability to more and more people, portable devices like tablets and smartphones provide easy access to your business to new and tech savvy customers through dedicated mobile apps, mobile games and mobile websites.
  • iOS Applications

    Trendy iPhone applications that can keep customers engaged are a plus for any business. Our app developers can create a variety of apps that you can use to enhance the relationship with your current customers and create new connections with potential customers of varied ages and social backgrounds.

  • Android Applications

    With Android devices dominating the mobile market, it makes sense to provide your customers with specific applications.

    An ever growing selection of apps can make it difficult to surprise. However, our Android developers and designers can bring new light to your business with apps tailored to your profile and help promote your brand to as many Android device owners as possible.

  • Mobile Version Websites

    At the current level of technology and innovation, a website accessible only from a computer or laptop in no longer a viable option.

    With knowledge of various programming languages, our great team of developers can bring amazing functionality to your website and adapt it for various mobile devices, while making sure your customers still enjoy a rich experience with every visit.

  • Software and Animations

    To fully benefit from our extensive knowledge base and vast experience in the IT sector, you can have a look at our software solutions portfolio and our various animations portfolio.
    We can offer browser based software systems that include, but are not limited to: content management system, bonus systems, invoicing systems, gaming and other Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
    Our designers are capable of creating astonishing animations to promote ideas and concepts or just to give a new perspective to your company's logo or overall profile.


Always on a lookout for new opportunities on the global market, we can give you accurate and reliable directions for growing your business.

Our understanding of marketing effectiveness and precise analysis of all relevant and particular market information will help your business and your products expand any initial target audience valuesto new levels.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    Scale up your business and increase your reach over the global market with our powerful and comprehensive affiliate system.
    Custom built for the European market, our top-tier and flexible affiliate system can help your business grow, can bring new partners for your business and can ensure high visibility for your products.
    In addition, our affiliate system provides a reliable and accurate tracking system, allowing you to be up-to-date with performance statistics and making sure your top partners are always well rewarded.

  • Email Marketing

    You can raise brand awareness and increase the trust and loyalty of your current customers, and not only, using our complex and yet accessible e-mail marketing system.

    Based on your subscriber's subject of interest, you can share the latest news and updates or you can send details about your current and future promotions, helping you evaluate the interest of your customers.

  • Online Advertising

    We can provide various methods of online advertising, from simple text adsand browser pop-ups to complex banners and flash animations.

    Accurate market segmentation will guarantee your products reach their right targets and, coupled with a smart product differentiation, will make sure your products have a clear identity and will give you the edge over your competitors.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Online word of mouth is a great way to attract attention to your company, your website and your products. In addition to spreading the word, you can also directly interact with your customers.
    Our specialist will consider the best ways of promoting your brand over all available social media channels and will constantly analyse the signals received in order to improve any on-going and especially future campaigns.

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